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Alexander Kovalevsky. Epicrisi

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Since 1991, the Ukraine, which won for just the independence, was allotted sufficient time to build a house, which was comfortable to live everything. Not developed. Instead of building, began to break and steal. Rather than merge, began to carry out forced Ukrainization, spreading movu as «edynu derzhavnu» to oust the Russian language, which is native to most of the citizens of Ukraine. Instead of starting life from scratch and build a future, particularly «svidomye» began heroize inveterate rascals, like Mazeppa with Shukhevych and Bandera. In this shareware patriotism does not interfere with «patriots», whose hands nichogo ne steal, seize all that is bad. Well in Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union did not lay anything.

When the Soviet Union Communist Party rule, the yield of Ukraine from the Soviet Union was the only way to get rid of the communist dictatorship. But Ukraine declared its independence only after the defeat of the Emergency Committee and the prohibition of Yeltsin's Communist Party. And before that, Kravchuk and his ilk Ukrainian rulers sat during the coup as quiet as a mouse. And the votes are cast just after the coup was put in a sailor silence.

It is unlikely that surreptitiously gathered in the Bialowieza Forest heads of the three Slavic republics, Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich, signing a joint statement that «the USSR as a subject of international law and a geopolitical reality no longer exists», thought of their peoples. They just could not wait to get rid of boring the dictates of the center, and so wanted to become sovereign princes in their estates, they went to the huddle. The fate of the millions that once a single Soviet people, who had gained the victory thanks to international solidarity in the Great Patriotic War, ironically, was sealed at the Last Supper in a bath, and people representing all three republics of the twelve inputs to the time of the Soviet Union.

But what happened has happened. And when the 25 December 1991 over the Kremlin was lowered a red flag with the National Emblem of the USSR and the vast country which was called the Soviet Union ceased to exist, no one spoke in her defense.

Peoples, separated yet «transparent» borders, particularly euphoria over independence, it is true, too, have not experienced, and «manna from heaven» on their head does not crumbled. Between the newly formed states immediately have territorial disputes, and sometimes local wars in, inside the former Soviet republics was a bitter struggle for power, here and there on the grounds of religious and ethnic conflicts broke out bloody civil war, and millions of refugees were forced to roam the country in hoping to find his haven.

Able to keep the same high-ranking Communists in power, hiding away his Redskins booklets with the image of Lenin and his dictum that «the party — the mind, honor and conscience of our era», and completely lost the remnants of not only the party but also the human conscience, «build muscle» — built up «seed money». Using prevailed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the confusion, «samostiynik» literally nothing to obtain the Republican office of the State Bank of the USSR with their multi-billion dollar funds and an extensive network of branches in all areas. Laid eyes on the new government kept the money in bank accounts on savings deposits of citizens. Initiated by the Russian government to reform the method of «shock therapy» led to a precipitous rise in prices, which devalued the labor savings of ordinary people. When the crazy inflation savings of citizens in the eyes turned into candy wrappers, but billions of rubles depositors before they are completely worthless, agile bankers managed to convert into hard currency and transferred to secret accounts in foreign banks.

Destabilize the financial and monetary system generated payments crisis. Bursting economic ties between the former Soviet republics, and as a result — had onset of paralysis of industry. The former party-economic elite — the director of factories — rented manufacturing space for lease to various companies and cooperatives, and at the same time was selling factory equipment for the price of scrap metal. Millions of people lost their jobs and livelihoods. Lost the confidence of the Russian ruble, Ukrainian and Belarusian coupons «Bunny», the people, to somehow save it from inflation, their meager savings, rushed to buy up American dollars, in fact, become the national currency of the post-Soviet space. The remaining unemployed engineers turned into «shuttles», scurrying for the goods, first in Poland, then who successfully unwound, Turkey, China and India. As a result of their tireless efforts arose spontaneously flea markets. Sprang a new class of enterprising people who could no longer be attributed either to the proletariat or the peasantry, nor, especially, to the interclass interlayer — intellectuals.

Those who are still working on the barely-breathing state-owned enterprises, wages are paid with delay: where for two months, where for three, where for six months, and on some plants and do stop paying in cash and paid the price of manufactured products.

Even in a worse situation were the so-called «state employees»: teachers, doctors, university professors, military personnel, law enforcement officials. Goods that could be sold on the market, they have not, so get them as payment for their labor could not, and late payment (in hyperinflationary economies someone has been very beneficial to scroll through cost money) was the phenomenon is very painful. To survive in these conditions, it was necessary either to accept bribes, or (at whom it was not possible to use official position for personal survival) to look for another job. Other option to its employees an independent state at the dawn of its formation, has not left.

And at the same time to get to the «trough» power times have come true «gold». Especially close to the «emperor», that is to say to the president, who made his billions of dollars on the looting of the country, became oligarchs, corrupt ministers and MPs also moved a million.

Indifferent to contemplate how zhiruyut nouveaux riches, the police, of course, could not. In court, prosecutors, police, customs work real people who also want to ride in expensive cars and build themselves palaces. Do not need a genius to figure out what to be friends with so-called «organized crime» far preferable to overstrain the stomach to fight it.

Keep pace with the deputies to prosecutors and tough gangsters. Dressed in crimson jackets and hang round pounds of gold chains, they unroll on BMW and Mercedes, and they felt themselves masters of life.

These masters of the Ukraine after a rematch of the most powerful clan in the country Akhmetov, Yanukovych they feel now. «Economic» principle according to which climbed ahmetki —- «Kill two dozen businessmen, and then — the natural growth of capital».

Today respectable businessmen and politicians really very offended when those whose fathers they had once been tortured and shot, calling them bandits — they say, try to prove in court that we are gangsters, but can not and does not bark. Knowing well our courts treat them with such allegations is useless. So much for our independence. Those who are in power can freely get up anything, but people need to silently contemplate on their elected from election to election.

Epicrisis: the population of the former USSR almost unanimously voted in the 91-m for the independence of Ukraine to eventually live under the bandits and to choose the president twice previously convicted of criminal Ham.

«Horunzhevskaya messiyka» Yushchenko said at the 2004th on the Maidan: «Or in this country will dominate a healthy honest world, or this nation will be many years to live according to the ideas … We will liberate Ukraine from the gangsters — this is our opportunity and obligation. If we leave it as is, we will have no future unless we change the morality imposed on Ukrainian gangsters in power… Each of us wants to put up with that rule us crooks and gangsters…» and so on and so forth .

In the five years since the «Orange Revolution», we are not liberated Ukraine from the bandits and left as is, not changed morality imposed on Ukraine by bandits in power, and as joyfully Kuchma said recently: «All reset». And if you put it more precisely, the election of Ham, the President of Ukraine simply multiply by zero.

And a final in Ukraine, which since independence has turned into one of the most corrupt countries in the world, natural. There were many high-sounding words about «national idea». Ukraine is a multiethnic country, and it would be reasonable to seek a national idea. United as a nation in such a power as today's Ukraine, can not be determined. Because it is not possible reconciliation between those who are heroes who served the Nazis and in the forefront of running recorded in the SS Division Galicia, who served in the battalions of the «Naftigal» and leaned in Bandera gangs, and those whose ancestors were released our country from the Nazis.

«Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished and the glory and freedom» — an anthem for the country being on his deathbed. Glory to Ukraine, which was so highly questionable because everyone there Mazepa, Bandera, nevertheless Yet Perished. And I agree with Valerie Novodvorskaya, who wrote that she: «It is shameful for Ukraine. After Yanukovych — is branded. It is diagnosed. This is a heart defect, heart, brain for those voters that they do not disdained. All imperial evil triumphs: there are no more orange threat, it was a myth, the Orange Revolution ended yanukovicheskim Thermidor. You what, we lied to then? And if that was true, why is empty Maidan? Where «Time»? «It is time we do not movchati's time has come vibirati … » You have betrayed not only himself, but us. You have betrayed my friend, the mathematician, who six years ago came to you in Kiev for a conference in an orange blouse and risk a complete rupture with their Russian counterparts. In place of a juicy orange, January come skinny, frozen, lean, blue fevrali.

And the fact that Ukraine, as a single independent state did not take place — this is a historical fact. Amen…

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