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In Ukraine, was the European Football Championship «Euro-2012». And this huge event in our country has done a lot of preparation — renovated old and built new stadiums, roads, hotels and airports. Thus, this wonderful event a little closer to the infrastructure of Ukraine to European standards. Although the level of developed countries in this regard, Ukraine, probably will not ever.

Why not? Yes, because we still have a very high level of corruption, which is absolutely not the power struggles. How to take a bribe in the previous president, just take this and just have large sums of money. And the downward trend in the level of corruption is not currently there, unfortunately.

The economy of the country to finish all the authorities before the end did not succeed. The economy, especially built by private capital, — a thing quite tenacious. And, thank God, there is no famine in Ukraine.

And in these circumstances, we, Ukrainians, had to meet foreign visitors from the civilized world.

However, not all of the major highways between major cities had repaired. But this process is still ongoing. I say so, drawing on information not only from television news and newspapers. I travel a lot for all regions of Ukraine (on Mission'm up to 180 days per year) and see it for themselves.

And what I saw in Ukraine, foreign visitor, who came to us on a championship or to stay? From what he had to face in the Ukraine? How had come out of difficult situations?

Answers to these and many other questions can be found on this site.

Fortunately, but the Ukrainian proverb «not so is terrible of Devil, as him draw», was justified. And the foreign visitors have arrived to Ukraine. And contrary to some western mass media, were pleasantly surprised to kindliness and hospitality in Ukraine. And any racism, chauvinism, and syonyzmahere here was not observed. Simply these phenomena even if also are in Ukraine, they have no mass character, of what the foreigners could be convinced. And majority of the fans are very pleased with stay in Ukraine and want to arrive to us again as the tourists.

It also is the basic victory of Ukraine — us have seen, us have understood, with us want to meet, to us again want to arrive!

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