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Why Ein Gedi Beach (Dead Sea) Is Among the Best in Israel

The Ein Gedi Beach (Dead Sea) in Israel is a renowned spot, which you've certainly seen on television or heard and wondered about! But it's about time you quit wondering and get going to Israel. You too can be a part of the many tourists enjoying floating in the unbelievable salty waters of un-drown able lake.

In case you are still not convinced, read along the following fascinating facts about the Dead Sea, which are surely going to lure you to get going to Dead Sea, Israel directly form the next flight!

Dead Sea in Israel

Dead Sea the Lowest Point On The Earth

The Dead Sea has been recorded as the lowest point on earth. It is precisely 417 meters below the sea level. Surprisingly the amount of evaporating water in the sea is greater to the amount of water that flows into the sea. This is one main reason that the sea has the highest salt concentration as compared to any sea across the globe.

Dead Sea Supports No Life Because Of High Levels Of Salinity

The Dead Sea is so named owing to the prevalence of salinity in the sea, which prevents the existence of any form of life in here. The waters of the same sea however are used for gaining instant relief from various ailments and hundreds of tourists come here from all over the world to get benefit from the healing properties of its waters.

Dead Sea Is A National Treasure And One That Is Well Preserved

Ein Gedi Beach (Dead Sea) is undoubtedly regarded as a valuable national treasure. The western shores of the sea are marked by organized beaches, where you will find convenient bathing areas and also large tourism centers offering one of the most pampering tourism services.

Plenty of Surprises At The Dead Await You

You are sure to get overwhelmed by the dozens of hotels, guest houses, shopping centers and restaurants along with amazing tourism enterprises offering a variety of challenging opportunities to tourists. You will also witness many art and cultural activities offered here along with the unique agricultural activities, which have been adapted according to the local climate.

Witness the Remarkable Combination Of Desert Landscape And Oasis

As the Dead Sea is located at the foot of the hot and barren Judean Desert, the place has also become an important centre for desert tourism. The place offers scenic springs beautifully surrounded with wild plants. This remarkable combination of desert landscape and mesmerizing oasis constitutes one main site for attracting many tourists here.

Dead Sea also a Pilgrimage site for Christians

There is also a pilgrimage site located to the northwestern side of the Dead Sea. Hundreds of Christians have been visiting this place from over many centuries particularly at the time of Easter. The pilgrims after paying their homage here move towards Jordan to visit the traditional land of Jesus' baptism. Your trip to Dead Sea would be incomplete if you do not visit the gorgeous monasteries that are adorned by the cliff walls.

The «Lowest Health Spa» in the world

Lastly, Dead Sea is known for its powerful healing capability. It is precisely called as the 'lowest health spa' of the world. It is the pure compositions of the salts and minerals in the sea that make it exceptionally beneficial for the body.

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Natalya loves travelling and exploring distant destinations. Tel Aviv is her favorite tourist spot and she can guide you with just about everything related to tourism in this place like which apartments are cheap and where to stay in summer and winter.

In the Dead Sea I could swim and ride a bike naked

In the Dead Sea I could swim and ride a bike naked.

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