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Hotels of Uman

The information on hotels Uman.

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Hotel «Uman»

Hotel «Uman»  in Uman in the heart of this small cozy town. In its development, she stopped at the time of Andropov and Chernenko. I think that says it all. If you disagree, then please contact us.

Hotel «Fortetsia»

Hotel «Fortetsia» in Uman is located near the city center (15 minutes on foot you can reach the central square). This is a modern hotel complex on the shore of a small river. Rooms fairly comfortable, but not all rooms have air conditioning. Breakfast is registered in the bar at the hotel. Parking at hotel is included in the room. Not bad for Uman middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Druzhba», «Friendship»

Hotel «Druzhba» in Uman. About this hotel you can say: «We have built and built, and finally built …» What was built? The hotel is located next to Park «Sofiyivka». There are a number of economy class (they do not even have toilet and shower), a «semi-lux» and «suites». Furniture and plumbing in the old rooms, not all air-conditioned. Breakfast and parking are not included in the price. Hotel class is much lower than average.

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