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Hotels of Odessa

The information on hotels Odessa.

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Hotel «Odesskiy dvorik»

Hotel «Odesskiy dvorik» in Odessa is located near the center of this beautiful southern city, which still is called «the pearl of the sea». This is an old renovated building. The rooms are comfortable and equipped with climate control. Breakfast is a small restaurant on the ground floor. If the guests a lot, restaurant personnel are satisfied «buffet», and if the resident is small, then we must be content with a registered breakfast. Dishes are delicious. Parking in the courtyard of the hotel is included. Parking space is small, it is desirable to be occupied early to take a parking space. Room rates rather big, so often it is half empty. Before the station can be reached by bus, trolley or on foot in 20 minutes. A good middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Aivazovsky»

Hotel «Aivazovsky» in Odessa is located in the downtown area. Before the opera, to the town park, a street Deribasovskaya within walking distance in 15 minutes. Before the station can be reached by bus, trolley or on foot in 25 minutes. The hotel offers comfortable rooms equipped with a centralized system of climate control. Breakfast, at your request, will bring the number or give coupons for a visit to one of two nearby bars, where you feed too bad (it may be that you have to pay a little extra). Parking is included in the price.

A pleasant surprise for you to be copies of paintings by Aivazovsky, which hang on the walls in the hallways and rooms. Room rates slightly higher than the cost of similar rooms in the hotels of the city. However, businessmen and Europeans prefer to stay here because of the friendly staff and proximity to the center. Good class hotel above average.

Hotel «Villa Panama»

Hotel «Villa Panama» in Odessa Is located in cosy seaside area Arcadia. From the hotel to the sea you can walk for 10 minutes. The city center, railway station, from here you can take a bus or tram. In a small hotel not more than two dozen cozy comfortable rooms, equipped with a centralized system of climate control. Breakfast is a small restaurant in the basement. Breakfast, though registered, but very tight. Hungry you will not get away. Parking is included in the price. Cars are at the entrance to the hotel. For an additional fee you can provide a separate box for the car, the gate is closed to auto lock, key of which will be only you. Good class hotel is above average.

Hotel «Annabelle»

Hotel «Annabelle» in Odessa is located, as they say, «the heart» of the city. Before you reach the Opera House for 5 minutes, until the city park — in 3 minutes, until Deribasovskaya — even for a minute! The hotel converted from an old communal. So here are small numbers, equipped with climate control. No breakfast, right in the hallway near the «Reception». Its cuisine is not so warm up the semis in the microwave. Room rates pretty much (still in the middle). Parking is not provided (not quite sure, it is necessary to clarify). Hotel class slightly below average.

Hotel «Oktyabrskaya, Zhovtneva»

Hotel «Oktyabrskaya, Zhovtneva» in Odessa near the center of the city and the sea. This is a historic building converted into a hotel. Not all rooms have separate shower and separate toilet. More, I think it makes no sense to write about this hotel. Parking is, but it must pay separately. The hotel is much lower middle class.

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