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Hotels of Lvov

The information on hotels Lvov.

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Hotel «Dniester»

Hotel «Dniester» in Lvov is one of the most popular hotels in the old historic city of Lviv. Gradually reconstructed rooms to stay in it. However, there is not yet renovated rooms — without air conditioning, with the old plumbing. And in the renovated rooms are not always replaced. There remained the old doors and combined cabinets. Through these cabinets can hear everything that happens in the next room, and hence there can hear what is going on you. It is not always pleasant. Convenience is there, but air conditioners installed in the rooms are very noisy. Internet is there, but not in all rooms, have to go to Wi-Fi zone.

The price includes parking and breakfast is «buffet». The food is quite varied. And it certainly brightens up a few inconveniences in living room. The cost of living is low enough. A good middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Opera»

Hotel «Opera» in Lvov in Lviv is located in the heart of this beautiful city. Standard room with all amenities very small, but cozy. Breakfast is at the restaurant. You can select a few dishes. The cost of living in a hotel «Opera» is somewhat higher than in the hotel «Dniester».

The proximity of the opera house and the central area makes it very convenient this hotel for tourists who came to get acquainted with Lviv and is not intended to luxury. There are hotel rooms and other categories, but also the cost of living in them are different. Good class hotel above average.

Hotel «Walter»

Hotel «Walter» in Lvov is located on the outskirts of the city, but if you are traveling by car, this fact should not deter you from this very good hotel. The hotel attracts a low room rates at an acceptable level of service. All rooms are air conditioned. Friendly staff, good food and comfort of the rooms are remembered for a long time. Parking at hotel is included. A good middle-class hotel. Suitable for both business and residence fastidious but thrifty Europeans. A good middle-class hotel.

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