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Hotels of Lugansk

The information on hotels Lugansk.

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Hotel «Lugansk»

Hotel «Lugansk» in Lugansk is located in the heart of the city was renamed several times (the former Voroshilovgrad). The hotel is a multi-storey building which has rooms for every budget. But in essence it remains somewhere in the «Soviet» historical past. Instead of «Reception» here the «Administrator». Many of the rooms are not air conditioned, with old furniture and fixtures. Breakfast is nothing special. Its parking at the hotel there, we have to put the car in a private car park near the hotel, but in the late afternoon on it may not be empty seats. Class hotel below the middle, but room rates are not very much and low, however.

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The excellent hotel is in city centre convenient rooms, real prices. All under a hand, shopping centers, маркеты, cafe, restaurant. Service very much was pleasant. As a whole all it was pleasant, is very healthy!

Hotel «Druzhba Plus»

Hotel «Druzhba Plus» in Lugansk is located just below the hotel «Lugansk» and also near the city center. Service here is better. Rooms are air conditioned, breakfast normal. Parking at hotel is included. The good price / quality ratio and central location attracted to this hotel as a thrifty foreigners and local businessmen. Not a bad middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Initial»

Hotel «Initial» in Lugansk is located on the outskirts of town. However, if you are traveling by car, this fact should not deter you from this very good hotel. The hotel attracts a low room rates at an acceptable level of service. All rooms are air conditioned. Friendly staff, good food and comfort of the rooms are remembered for a long time. Parking at hotel is included. A good middle-class hotel. Suitable for both business and residence fastidious but thrifty Europeans. Good class hotel is above average.

Hotel «Elite-Comfort»

Hotel «Elite-Comfort» in Lugansk is an economy class hotel accommodation for guests who do not claim to special conditions. In the rooms have no air conditioning. Breakfast is not very abundant. Parking at the hotel there. From city center hotel is far enough away. Room rates too low. To conserve cheap accommodation, this hotel will do. Hotel class is below average.

Hotel «Gostinny Dvor», «Seating Yard»

Hotel «Gostinny Dvor» in Lugansk is located near the railway station. The city center is within walking distance minutes for 25. The hotel has comfortable rooms with sufficient system of climate control, a good breakfast. Parking is included. Near the hotel there is a grocery supermarket. Not far away — one more, great. Price / quality ratio are attracted to this hotel and the businessmen and foreigners. Good class hotel is above average.

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