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Hotels of Kirovograd

The information on hotels Kirovograd.

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Hotel «Tourist»

Hotel «Tourist» in Kirovograd was built back in Soviet times. The hotel has a number of Class «luxury» and «semi-luxury». However, the majority of rooms — standard and economy class, in which not all have air conditioning. In fact, this is «soviet» hotel, which is somewhat remodeled, but its essence is not changed. Breakfast is normal. Parking at the hotel and are not always included in the price. The city center on foot you will reach up to 7 minutes, until the «collective» of the market — about 15 minutes. Hotel class is below average.

Hotel «Europe»

Hotel «Europe» in Kirovograd was built in Soviet times as a «obkomovskaya» And before this place located garages executive committee. Some hotel rooms renovated, they have air conditioning, new furniture. However, there are old issues — without air conditioning and with old furniture. It is clear that they are cheaper. Breakfast is normal. Parking at hotel is included. The city center is within walking distance in 10 minutes. A good middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Reykarts»

Hotel «Reykarts» in Kirovograd is one of the best in this historic city, which would return several times the historical name Yelisavetgrad. But somehow things are not formed. First, the nationalists were against the renaming, but then they agreed, because the Communists have rested. In place of this hotel was once a student dormitory. The building was reconstructed and installed the elevator (the attached outside the building) to the fourth floor. Therefore, in the room on the fifth floor has to go on foot from the fourth. The rooms are cozy with centralized climate control. There is a large (expensive) and smaller (cheaper) rooms. Breakfast at the hotel, that basement. Usually this «buffet», but if the guests a little, then you have to order breakfast at the waiters. But still it is sufficiently dense to complain about.

From the hotel to the city's central square you can walk for 15 minutes. Back — 20 minutes, or drive up to the trolley or shuttle bus for 5 minutes.

Parking at the hotel included. Price / quality ratio is quite satisfied with both domestic middle-class travelers and budget conscious Europeans. A good middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Catalunya», «Catalonia»,

Hotel «Catalunya» in Kirovograd is a three-story building that used to live professors of the local Pedagogical Institute named after Pushkin (now Pedagogical University Vinnichenko). This modern comfortable hotel rooms with several price categories. All rooms are air-conditioned. Breakfast is normal, hungry, you will not get out. Parking at the hotel and included in the price. To the central square of the city within walking distance of 7 minutes. Good, good-quality hotel. However, prices for accommodation are somewhat too high. For businessmen, this hotel is very suitable. Good class hotel is above average.

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