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Hotels of Kherson

The information on hotels Kherson.

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Hotel «Muscat»

Hotel «Muscat» in Kherson is a small building in the downtown area. Here are a few rooms, but they are all quite cozy and comfortable. There are rooms with high comfort (as much) and usually with a minimum set of services (cheaper). Staff friendly and courteous. Dining takes place in the restaurant on the ground floor. Breakfast included in room rates. Overeat at lunch you can not, but do not stay hungry. A good middle-class hotel. The hotel is located near the central market square. To the train station by shuttle bus or trolley can be reached in 10 minutes. Go to the Dnieper peshochkom can in 20 minutes. Not a bad hotel in Kherson.

Hotel «The guest house on Tiraspol street»

Hotel «The guest house on Tiraspol street» in Kherson is located in downtown, two blocks from the main street of Kherson avenue of Admiral FF Ushakov. This privately owned hotel with rooms on four floors. Hot water in every room separate from the boiler. All rooms are air conditioned. Breakfast is included in the room, but it is not too tight. Parking in the yard and parking fee is included in the price. Good class hotel below the middle.

Hotel «Frigate»

Hotel «Frigate» in Kherson froze in their development somewhere in the level of the nineties of last century. The word «Reception» here do not know. And at the entrance to the hotel proudly flaunts the words «Administrator». Strictly and without arrogance. Entering the hotel, you immediately realize that the hit. Room rates low, but expect good service here is not necessary. Accommodations at the old furniture and bathroom, no air conditioning. Maybe they only have a high comfort rooms and suites with semi-suites. Breakfast is poor. But the Dnieper and the main street of the city nearby. Hotel class is much lower than average.

Hotel «Dilizhance» (Stagecoach) in Kherson is relatively new in town. This small comfortable hotel pleasantly surprised by its architecture, location in the city center and friendly staff. Living conditions in it quite comfortable, and the prices are not very high, although we can not say that low. The convenient location allows you to get out of the hotel in any part of the city by public transport is almost non-stop. The rooms good furniture, modern bathroom, TV, air conditioning and internet. A good middle-class hotel.

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