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Hotels of Kharkov

The information on hotels Kharkov.

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Hotel «Mir»

The hotel «Mir» in Kharkov, the most famous and prominent. It is located in one of the central avenues of the city. Near metro station «botanical». Near the hotel is located cableway, which can descend into the park. Rooms at the hotel «Mir» various price categories with a different set of additional services. Some time in the hotel were still not renovated rooms. Now they seem to have all rooms renovated. In these rooms have everything necessary for comfortable living. Air conditioning in the room. The price includes parking and breakfast in a cafe on the ground floor. The young waitress in skirts just above the knees seated at the table and you bring breakfast. And you enjoy the views and delicious breakfast, the girls (or vice versa :-)

Breakfast for all the same, but it is remarkable that you serve nice young girls, and it can somehow relieve inability to choose his food for the soul. Reasonable prices and very reasonable service made this hotel one of the most popular in Kyiv. A good middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Rosinka»

Hotel «Rosinka» in Kharkov is not as well known as the previous one, but on service to compete with it. This is a small three-story hotel. There is a large and small rooms. The rooms large TVs, spacious bathroom with bath, bidet and even a shower. Central air conditioning in the rooms. After the settlement in the room, you bring a fruit cutting, which was a pleasant surprise in this hotel. The price per room includes parking and breakfast in the cafe, which is done in Japanese style. The food is not very big, but delicious cooked breakfast, which provides a vivacity all day. In numbers(rooms) not absolutely steady access in the Internet, and in some he and at all is absent, that afflicts of the visitants бизмесменов and business people a little. Administration would have to think about it, and install additional equipment on the floor where the rooms were located.

The hotel on the second floor has a restaurant serving a variety of sometimes mark the celebration. At the end of dinner quite often can operate directly from hotel rooms to see the beautiful fireworks, organized for the guests. It should be noted that the fun never delayed by 23 hours, so that it does not interfere with recreation. A good hotel. The cost of living is not very low. However, middle-traveler can afford to stay in this cozy hotel. Good class hotel is above average.

Hotel «Kharkov»

Hotel «Kharkov» in Kharkov. Lived in it once. But obviously, because the number provided old, with no air conditioning, the impressions were not very good. Perhaps at this hotel, there are other numbers, but I have not lived, why say anything more about this hotel can not. Hotel class is below average.

Hotel «Victoria»

Hotel «Victoria» in Kharkov. Lived in it once. On the facade flaunt 4 stars. But in my personal opinion — an obviously superfluous. At the three-star pulls a 100 per cent. There are all conditions for relaxation, meeting friends and business colleagues. The cost of living is an exaggeration, but the proximity of the center of good food and brighten up this inconvenience. A good middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Britain»

Hotel «Britain» in Kharkov. The hotel is located in the hydro Zhuravlevskogo on the street. Shevchenko, on the island. This park complex with a restaurant, seating areas and hotel rooms. The complex is designed like a castle. The rooms have everything you need air conditioning. The rooms have both wired and wireless Internet. Breakfast is usual, in a restaurant on the ground floor. Have a good rest and if the company came to their vehicles. Metro station next to no, to the city center can be reached by taxi. In the evening go by bus to the hotel a few scary. Not every track is well lit, and manhole covers, we still continue to steal. And not to fall into the manhole, it is necessary to have a flashlight. To meet business colleagues, family holidays, for sleeper is quite decent hotel at a sufficiently moderate cost of living. A good middle-class hotel.

Hotel «VIVA»

Hotel «VIVA» in Kharkov. The complex offers spacious accommodation for leisure and business, equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay. On campus there are parking lot around the clock. Reception 24 hours a day provides comprehensive information relating to services provided by the hotel. Patrons of the complex will be a surprise — a significant discount. (Information provided by the hotel manager).

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