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Hotels of Donetsk

The information on hotels Donetsk.

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Hotel «Central»

Hotel «Central» in Donetsk is located in the heart of the city is a nice complex. Although the hotel and pretend to be a European level, but there can still feel the element of «scoop». This is manifested, and upon arrival, and during the meager «buffet» for breakfast and accommodations. Plumbing fixtures and furniture several poiznosheny, TV sets are small, outdated models. All rooms are equipped with a centralized system of control climate. Parking at hotel is included. Middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Ramada Donetsk»

Hotel «Atlas» in Donetsk renamed. Now this hotel «Ramada Donetsk». Located near the center of Donetsk (former village Yuzovka) next to the river Kalmius in which anglers even catch something. After the renovation, this hotel is a convenient package for their stay, both domestic and foreign travelers. There are a number of different price categories, which attracts both middle-tourists and businessmen. In accordance with the price of rooms are available and additional services.

All rooms have hot water, TV, air conditioning, wireless Internet access. However, not all rooms have a refrigerator, which is a big minus. The price includes breakfast in the restaurant of the type «buffet». I want to mention a pretty diverse menu. Dishes delicious. The restaurant is softly playing music, and on weekends and holidays and even a wine glass of champagne on offer at breakfast. Parking at hotel is included.

Hotel staff friendly and nice to relax here. A good middle-class hotel. Middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Victoria»

Hotel «Victoria» in Donetsk is a complex of accommodation and leisure. The hotel is located in a very convenient location near the new stadium «Shakhtar». This location attracts and businessmen and officials and fans. The city center is not very far away. Autotourists living in a hotel parking is available for the car. The cost of parking is included in the price.

Modern rooms with all conveniences can have a rest. Central air conditioning in the rooms. Inside the hotel has a fitness center with a water zone, which is located in a pleasant swimming pool with water and slides. For hotel fitness center with a water zone is included in the price.

The cost of living in hotel rooms rather big and comparable to the cost of European hotels. However, the service here is much higher than in, say, some «postsoviet» hotels. Accommodation in the hotel complex Victoria in Donetsk leaves good memories. Excellent hotel class.

Hotel «Liverpool»

Hotel «Liverpool» in Donetsk is located in the downtown area. The hotel is a new building and is intended, it seemed to me to stay young. The rooms have everything you need and wireless Internet access to which should receive at settlement. In the courtyard in the parking lot is constantly twisting songs the Fab Four. And if you personally do not see the valet to turn off the music, then stay to the end you'll have to hate «The Beatles».

However, most of the rooms are very small. Between the bed and the wall must move sideways. In the room there is a table, chairs and even a chair. Only one large double bed. Shower and toilet are very small, will not clear. Transparent window on the mosaic on the theme of Liverpool. The only thing that consoles, that and the cost of these rooms are not very big. For middle-tourist numbers are quite expensive.

Breakfast is in fudmarkete on the first floor by the self-service card, issued by the settlement has a certain amount of money for one serving. If you dial a meal more than this amount when calculating the cashier will have to pay extra. If less, then nothing is returned. Therefore, eating better a little more than collect the money did not disappear. Quality of food average, slightly better than fast food restaurants. Cafe open all day, so here you can dine and sup with cash, buying a card for a certain amount in cash at the door.

If you do all day long and dangled for a very tired, then rest in the hotel for a relatively low fee you seem nice. Hotel class is below average.

Hotel «Eva»

Hotel «Eva» in Donetsk is located near the city center. This small, cozy hotel with a full range of services required. Dining at the bar happy variety. The normal standard rooms and friendly staff will leave a lasting impression about your stay in Donetsk. A good middle-class hotel.

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