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Hotels of Dnepr

The information on hotels Dnepr.

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Hotel «Dnepropetrovsk»

I could write about the hotel, which is stopped in its development at the time of the Emergency Committee of the Soviet Union?

The hotel has this great city (the ancient name of Ekaterinoslav) has several comfortable rooms, but in the main room is dominated by a slightly renovated, but with all the conditions for residence. However, their appearance and internal corridors, it resembles a «scoop» a hotel than a modern one. The hotel personnel is also not retrained to work with foreigners. «Kaka» was, «Kaka» and has remained, unfortunately…

Many of the rooms dominated by old furniture, old plumbing, no air conditioning. Breakfast in the restaurant leaves much to be desired — modestly and without taste. Room rates for these conditions is obviously overestimated. Although there are advantages — namely, the hotel is situated on the picturesque bank of the Dnieper, and close to downtown, close to the circus and modern supermarket. Car Parking is located in the courtyard of the hotel. Hotel class is much lower than average.

Hotel «Oktyabrskaya, Zhovtneva»

This is the former «The heads» hotel, which has a more comfortable environment than a hotel as described above. Furniture and even old, but good-quality. Plumbing is serviceable, but not the latest European models. Air conditioners are not available in all rooms. Mediocre food, but better than the «Dnepr». The hotel is located in the park, which is very convenient for tourists. The city center is not very far. Hotel class slightly below average.

Hotel «Rassvet, Svitanok»

Middle-class hotel on the level of comfort. Suitable for a lowly inexpensive vacation. Furniture and bathroom in the room old wallpaper is also not the first freshness, nutrition unpretentious. The hotel is located in a park area near the city center. Room prices somewhat high for this level of comfort. Hotel class is much lower than average.

Hotel «Astoria», «Astoria-Luxe»

Both hotels are located on the main avenue of them. Karl Marx Dnepr near the city center, the central market, railway station and bus station. In the hotels fairly comfortable rooms with all conveniences. The «Astoria-Luxe» is a newer furniture. Rooms are air conditioned. Meals in both normal hotels. Price / performance ratio is observed, so in these hotels, and love to settle Europeans. Affordable and comfortable. A good middle-class hotel.

Hotel «Park Hotel»

Class hotel is above average. There are deluxe rooms, junior suites, superior comfort, standard, economy class. Rooms are equipped with a centralized system of climate control. Room rates is consistent with the level of comfort in them. Very comfortable rooms, good breakfast, friendly staff leave an unforgettable impression of the hotel. From the center of the hotel is not very far. Good class hotel is above average.

Hotel «Reykarts»

This is a new hotel with a European level of service. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. Staff trained in the European manner of behavior and is very friendly. Excellent food, buffet style. The hotel is located virtually in the center of town (2 blocks to the main square). There are excellent parking. Room rates rather big, but the service is excellent. Wonderful hotel class just below the top.

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