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As I enjoyed the trip to Ukrzaliznytsya

Long time since I rode trains in his native country, but that it was necessary. Upcoming trip from Kiev to Poltava and more in a village in the area. Distance is small — only 350 kilometers. It would seem that there is nothing easier — buy a ticket, come in time to the station, get on the train and get pleasure from communication with an attendant, and neighbors in the compartment. Especially now in the ticket price than the bed began to include more and the cost of tea. All inclusive! Antalya and Dubai, with its hotels many star — rest.

In reality was not so simple and serene. Convenient for train passengers who used to set off from Kiev after 22 hours and arrived in Poltava around 6:00 am to change the schedule. Now he goes from Kiev after 18 hours and arrives at 23:45 in Poltava. Undoubtedly, the travel time has decreased, but convenient for passengers it ceased to be. If I still have to go down the field, then the prospect of sleeping at the station until the first morning train as I did not like it. I rejected this option.

Okay, I think I'll go to the «Capital Express». While traveling in it and is more expensive, but the journey has less, but comes in Poltava after 10 hours. I look through a special website availability of tickets for tomorrow. Availability full — more than half of. I was glad this circumstance, watching schedule and even more surprised. The train leaves at 6:15 am from Kiev. Which of ordinary passengers can catch his administration? A journey in a taxi in Kiev can cost more than a half of travel in this expression from Kiev to Poltava. Expensive work. And this variant also had to reject.

Can go to the night train? Inconvenient, uncomfortable, difficult. But you have to go. See schedule trains in Ukraine specifically to the transfer point, and I see that the stations will have to wait 5-6 hours for the next train. And as I transfer stations hard, and then had to reject that option.

Because introduced a new train schedule in Ukraine, and travel convenience is lost, had to choose another form of transport.

That's how I became a passenger Ukrzaliznytsya. But believe me — very much like! And how many more potential passengers loses that office! Somebody is this statistic? Somebody asked myself why these trains run half-empty?

But at a press conference the chief of the men of the agency officially proclaim that passenger traffic unprofitable and should again raise the fare. Then it turns out that the whole railway is unprofitable and must sell. And sell oligarch — for nothing. And it is then just a simple Ukrainian travel on trains will stop at all.

In Poltava, I still got on the bus. Trip, I admit, is not very comfortable — at night, sitting in a not very comfortable chair. But to go-you have to! The morning was in place and up to 11 hours arrived at the point of my destination.

The trip from Poltava to Kiev was no less problematic for the same reason, uncomfortable train departure from Poltava. Chose an alternative. Went through the station Shevchenko (Smela city in Cherkasy region).

However, even here there were problems. Train at the station in Kiev Shevchenko followed often enough, and I must pay tribute to that in this area remains a convenient schedule. Trains from the south of Ukraine go one by one, at intervals of 40 minutes and arrive in Kiev in the morning. But the availability to them on the day of departure is very small. Had to miss about 5 trains in Kiev, before I got to the ticket in your car.

The train was long-distance. Although I had to drive 4 hours, I bought conductors bed and went to sleep. I think that at least 3 hours sleep. Yes, it was not there. Two hours before the arrival of the train conductors loud voice solemnly announced: «Passengers, rise, wash, hand over the bed, the toilets will be closed one hour before arrival.» Although other trains such an awakening is usually performed on an hour later.

I am a student in the old habit of resisting, tried to sleep again. But seasoned conductor, knowing all the tricks of passengers simpletons included all the lights in the train and cheerful Galicians music (though the train followed the south-east of Ukraine). I had to obey.

After all the procedures and provisions of the bed, putting passengers stupidly sat in their seats and tried dozing. However, the conductor occasionally broke the silence of the professional voice, urging passengers surrender sheets and towels. I went through the car, looked at the shelves, looking for towels and sheets. When her accounting converged, it spread passengers tea. And so that others do not get bored and she will not be sitting idle, it started a cleaning toilets. Woman it neat and industrious toilet soap with bleach. I think that the more you can not tell.

At the entrance to Kiev smell of chlorine from the car weathered and claims to show the passengers would not have been able to anybody.

Seeing his native Kiev platform, I immediately forgot about the conductor, bleach, inconvenient schedules. Jumped out of the car and ran to the station. Started a new life, a life in the city, with its age-old problems, passions and burdens. But this topic is for another article…

Body after a tiring trip recovered, but a bad feeling the inconvenient travel Ukrzaliznytsya remained.

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