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Ремонт парадных и помещений общего пользования, Квартира и офис – это те помещения, в которых современный человек проводит основную часть времени, поэтому требования к оформлению этих помещений столь высоки. Уют, функциональность, современность, комфорт – все эти качества учитываются нами при выполнении каждого проекта.


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What gift to buy in Ukraine? Ukrainian souvenirs

Anecdote is not on.

Soviet period. Serves the collective farm chairman.

«Comrades! I have for you, there are two news! One — a bad, and another — a good one. I'll start with the bad. Year was very lean, all the cattle died, wheat is not ugly, and everything burned! So there is nothing we have manure. That is so…»

He said and paused. Pause. Kolkhozniks wilted. Then someone remembered that there is good news.

«Let the good news!» — Screaming.

«And the good news, comrades, is this — we have a lot of manure…»

Why is this bearded anecdote? And to what souvenirs and gifts we have a lot!

That's really what we do not lag behind the developed civilized countries so it is in the production of souvenirs. And the range of even very diverse.

So what better to bring your friends as souvenirs from Ukraine?

Traditional gifts and souvenirs are — Ukrainian towels (towels), Ukrainian shirts (shirts), floor mats, straw hats, various pipe, pipes and musical instruments, kitchen chopping boards, Ukrainian nesting dolls, porcelain and glass ware, cutlery, wooden and iron; wooden furniture, painted vest. Not talking here about the new-fangled old-fashioned souvenirs — typewriters, compasses, etc. The choice of souvenirs and gifts is huge. Everything here and not list.

One of the places selling gifts and souvenirs are a little special stock markets near the so-called «tourist destinations», ie places where a lot of tourists. And you need to visit these special stock markets, if traveling to Ukraine as tourists. Here, take the dollar, the euro, the hryvnia, U.S. Dollars.

The choice of gift and souvenir depends on your physical capabilities. The more tools you have, the more expensive gifts and souvenirs you can buy. Here you can haggle. Sometimes even the assignment of half the original price. My advice — do not buy something you like, immediately at the first salesperson. Walk around the bazaar, learn the price of the same souvenir from other vendors. Very often in the ranks of the price is far less.

About as souvenirs can say one thing. Souvenirs — this is not stuff for the intended use. Very often, a beautiful bowl of Ukrainian amazing landscapes and symbols can fall apart at the first pouring of water. Plate with the image of Ukrainian Cossack can scatter pieces in a microwave oven, and pipe or Sopilka after several minutes of being in your mouth can swell and crack when dry. Beautiful shirt handmade by two washing can turn into rags, which can be used only as a mat for your beloved cat. A beautiful plaque for slicing vegetables can split in half at the first good press with a knife at her. Even the rocking chairs sold in these bazaars good quality do not differ.

Souvenir — even in Africa souvenir. Therefore, gifts and things for the enjoyment of a better buy in specialty stores — apparel, tableware, furniture, music, etc. If you just put the souvenir on the shelf, so when you look at it recalls the «as well in Ukraine», then they can be purchase at the souvenir special stock markets. Again, do not take them at the price at which sellers offer. Quality souvenirs does not match the issue for them prices. In any case, bought a souvenir should not be used in agriculture as a practical thing. For souvenirs give no warranty and return a spoiled little thing can not be.

And the rest rely on the taste and the amount of money in your purse. Assortment of gifts and souvenirs in Ukraine is constantly growing. Therefore, pick Souvenir for friends, relatives and friends will not make you easy.

Good luck and good choice of shopping! Hi You Happiness!

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