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If you have come to the hospital

God give you good health! And especially — during your trip to Ukraine. And to put it more precisely — do not let your God seriously ill in Ukraine! The purpose of this little chapter — briefed the foreign guests with health-care system in Ukraine.

Before the trip, try to finish the house all the procedures related to your health and priezzhyte here in perfect health. Be sure to visit the dentist — with the sick teeth travel you do not bring joy, and treat teeth in Ukraine… Language teeth bit so as not to disappoint you greatly.

This is general advice and you are sure to follow. But if you still happen that you have come to the hospital?

Despair, of course, is not worth it. And in Ukraine, people are treated. «And you will be cured, and you and me…» — said the heroine of a popular comedy of the «Soviet period». Doctors — they are human beings too. And they want to have hlebushek with caviar and ride a decent car.

But at this point in detail. The whole problem of national health care, that our government for almost twenty years of «independent» and not figure out how to reform the industry so that people feel comfortable and employees receive a decent salary but did not go to every patient in the pocket. At the same time they themselves humiliated and the patient put in a position of supplicant. The foregoing applies to all budget sector.

And it's not normal for a European state! In a civilized country, treatment should be abstracted from monetary issues. Health Insurance Program (ICP) has worked for decades in developed countries. Many countries on this thorny path made mistakes, adjust their PMS and now use them in full. Although PMS is not always perfect, but still they work and medical care in their countries of applying a much higher quality than in Ukraine.

So why do we not use them? Yes, because for all the years of independence, no government could develop its PMS or at least to build on the ICP of any developed nation, to further develop and implement at home. Some governments simply were not able to establish that either (well, just put these lead), the other, which for this time in Ukraine there were two or three — is simply not allowed to do so for political reasons as.

As a result — almost twenty years marking time, have led to the fact that medicine in Ukraine has become completely corrupt. Not paid, namely the stress — corrupt. Moreover, that the treatment should be officially pay the cashier clinics or hospitals, so still have to pay extra procedures and treatment in cash. And have to pay everything from nurses, which removes the House to the chief physician. And have to pay a lot of money.

«Withholding» of money involved in the patient's medical institutions, almost everything. By the way, the larger the city, the big opportunities in the facility to conduct a more qualitative analysis and treatment, but it will cost far more than in a smaller town. But in the small town you would react more sympathetically, take less money and try to treat the funds available. In very small towns in general can be treated free of charge. You have to pay unless a bottle of green fodder or film for X-ray (CT fluorography have so far only in the regional clinics, and even then not in all.)

Digression on the subject. Recently, an international organization Transparency International in its annual report (2010) Global Corruption Ukraine withdrew 134 th out of 178.

Ukraine has improved over the last year (in the literal sense of the word) their positions. We climbed the 12 steps above on the previous year. We have «surpassed» Russia and are now close to Honduras and Zimbabwe! Do have to take less? There is much to be proud? I think that especially the fact and nothing… Maybe the figures so formed?

And on this «background» universal «free health care» and proshodit in Ukraine «cure».

And so, God forbid, but still you have a need to consult a doctor. One must distinguish clinic from the hospital. The clinic doctors take, give direction to the tests that put the provisional diagnosis and prescribed treatment. Here you can go out-patient treatment. During the treatment the doctor will assign you a day and time of admission to the clinic to monitor the healing process. At the appointed days and hours you come to the doctor and he conducts a conversation with you about your health and if necessary, appoint to be retested, the results of which determines the further course of treatment.

If your health is the doctor's fears, you will be asked to «go to the hospital», or as doctors say — «on the bed». In principle, if the disease is serious, you should not give up. All still in hospitals is the doctor on duty round the clock, which can always help. In the hotel or apartment with friends such assistance is not.

Oh, I forgot to mention. If you are traveling on turputevku from travel agencies, you need insured — it is a fact. Travel agencies themselves more hedged, of course, but at your expense. Therefore, in the case of the disease, most of the official cost of your treatment must take the insurance company. And your duty in case of illness, which entails a pay-treatment mandatory to notify the insurance company about the situation, give the agent the necessary contacts (e-mail address of the hospital with an index, e-mail manager for payment of services, facilities needed phones) for its connection with administration of therapeutic zavvedeniya in which you'll pass a course of treatment. The sooner you do, the better.

In this case, large medical expenses you will not. But no small expenditure can not do. Where a nurse will have to pay, she hint — for anything. Once upon a time — the nurse who cleans the entire house. Dear doctors in such cases, when treatment is paid by an insurance company, on remuneration flatly refuse. So do not put them in an awkward position.

In the treatment of manager of the insurance company will not leave you for a long time to get bored. He would be interested in your health, duration of treatment, designated procedures, medicines you take. And all this he will have to confirm. Most likely he will ask about your doctor, and you will only need to confirm this. So try to write — what procedures you were appointed, what medications you take, how many times have you consulted a doctor.

After treatment, you may directly or insurance company representative in the city where you will be treated, will have to sign the so-called «Act of the executed works». This document is a list made for you services, consultations, procedures, medications with an indication of their value. And below is the total cost of your treatment. Important: requires preparation of an act in your native language or, at least — in English. It is your right, where you dare not refuse. Sign only those instances whose meaning you understand. Acts of the Russian or Ukrainian, if you can not understand their meaning, you may not sign. In difficult cases, ask a representative call the embassy to find out of these situations.

If you are traveling independently, too, it is desirable to have insurance, to avoid problems.

If you have no insurance and you have got to hospital, then be patient, bills of different denominations — from small to large and different currencies. You have to pay everyone — doctors, nurses, nurse, and it is quite possible that the cooks to prepare separate meals for you (the hospital food you are unlikely to be able to eat). Doctors «love» the euro and the dollar, while nurses and nannies, too, their «love», but do not give up and from the native Ukrainian hryvnia. What to pay whom and how much you will devote itself to the hospital, «the right people».

But the goal of this article — just to warn foreign guest about the possible complications during the course of treatment in medical institutions of Ukraine. And once again — before the trip necessarily Insure and then the problems you will have much less.

Place to advertise the insurance company

Well, you have not yet decided not to go to Ukraine? Then — welcome to us!

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If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

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