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How are Ukrainian money. Banknotes of Ukraine. Currency exchange. How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud

What to do with the money? You can bury them in «wonderland» in the «country of fools» and wait until they grow up and become bigger. So did Pinocchio — the hero of a very well-known fairy tales. Joke…

We though we live in such a country, money, of course, not to be buried in the literal sense, but only in the figurative. Put them into shares in deposits, building and even God knows what.

Then heroically wrested them from the bursting of the bank, collapsed company or escaped with our money the developer. And the most interesting is that the bitter experience teaches nothing. Again and again, trusting the next shareholders, the new banks, new developers. They assure us that they are «very fluffy» and honest… and we «throw».

So the «Pinocchio» in us still live. We all come from childhood. I so want to go back to the story. That is rude and uncouth «Carabas-Barabas» — by force, and cunning «Basilio and Alice» — cunning, entice our money. And poor Ukrainian tills as «Papa Carlo», watching bullshit that he cram every day on television that «life has become better, life has become merrier» and still hopes to (and here Ostap incurred), that «once Ukraine will present a smart president, a clever present government, smart unbribable deputies. And the money from him, ordinary Ukrainians, and will be a lot to do with them will be nowhere to go. Or abolish them altogether, all will be provided with accommodation, all work will be of three hours a day, three times a week, corruption will not be…». Stop. Talking, but…

Anecdote of the «Soviet period»

Odessa. Dialogue at the newsstand.

— Tell me, though what that a newspaper today you have?

— Excuse me, young man, but «Soviet Russia» sold in «Izvestia» no truth in «Pravda», no news, there was only «work» for a penny… you have a penny? No? Then you sho me here head fool? Come and listen to the radio, although the herring in it you do not already zavernete, I'll guarantee you, you were healthy Schaub…

This was a digression.

In Ukraine officially in the calculations used currency hryvnia. Hryvnia exchange rate against other currencies on a daily basis is changing, and the banks on their official websites regularly update this information.

What currency is accepted in exchange for Ukraine hryvnia?

No problem you can change into hryvnia euro and U.S. dollars. Also seamlessly be able to make a reverse exchange. When exchanging currency at the bank you must require a passport and the code of the taxpayer.

Exchange points in major cities of Ukraine, compared to European, is enough. Starting from the district center and the capital can exchange money at banks, specialized stalls with the inscription «Exchange Rates» in the market, casino, online clubs, on the main streets.

However, a large amount you will be able to change only in the bank. In the currency exchange kiosks worth more than $ 1000 is usually difficult. Currencies of other countries to exchange will not be easy. Therefore, the best exchange currency of his country to euros or dollars, or, if possible, immediately on the hryvnia. With the euro and dollars in your pocket you can feel confident enough in Ukraine in the financial sense of the man.

Extremely dangerous to change the currency in street money changers, which revolve around the markets and exchange points. They propose to change the currency at a favorable exchange rate for you, but there is a possibility that you are deceived. Invented many ways of deception. Therefore, the Council — change money only at banks and specialized exchange offices.

Currency exchange rates in the various commercial banks may differ by a small amount. However, when exchanging a large amount of the difference could be decent.

Many supermarkets now have the opportunity to pay with a credit for the purchased goods with plastic card. Should take into account the fact that commodity prices in electronic databases stores hammered in Ukrainian hryvnia and your card may be a dollar, evrovoy or currency of the country where you reside. Basically, it's on the problem — if your desire, the price converted into dollars or euros, and you can pay for a product. But recalculation will be made at the most disadvantageous for you to rate. Therefore, if you do not hryvnia cards, Pay more cash.

Incidentally, in the larger cities, some banks can withdraw currency via ATM and even get a place of euros or dollars hryvnia. But, again, at the bank rate, and at the same time from your account even withdraw a certain percentage (from 1 to 3) for cashing.

Oh, and another on the calculations using the bank cards. In Ukraine, there are cases where crooks different methods to copy information about the card and completely withdraw money from your bank account.

The Council is simple. Try staying in Ukraine, in advance and try to exchange money unless absolutely necessary not to use a bank card.

If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

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