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On the use of mobile phone while traveling in Ukraine

The dream of all progressive humanity's ability to communicate with anyone at any time, gradually realized. There are still many technical problems, but The Main idea is steadily gaining ground.

Already without any problems you can contact by mobile phone with a person of interest to you, see it on the computer screen, laptop, phone. All of this has already been implemented, happy people who enjoy those types of communications and operators who receive good profit. And it is mutually beneficial.

Rates to Ukraine for the use of mobile phones and the Internet low. And this is due to the presence of several mobile operators and Internet service providers. That is, there is no monopoly, there is healthy competition that provides the citizens of Ukraine and low tariffs for mobile services and the Internet in a more or less good quality.

In this chapter we will compare the various tariff plans operators, service quality assessment, etc. This can be found in specialized newspapers and numerous websites. Especially do not call a single operator and service provider. And so they have enough ads.

I want to tell you about the common features of mobile communication in Ukraine. If you are a foreigner and come to visit to Ukraine at least ten days, and even more, and you have friends here and you want to communicate with them by phone, then you would be better to buy a prepaid card here (prepeyd). While in Ukraine they are selling all comers without an instrument and what or register. If you make calls through your carrier's card, then you would pay for roaming, as it is a lot of money.

Cellular operator in Ukraine, select the same as that of the majority of your friends or relatives. Fees for connection and conversation within the network of one operator and the conversations are lower than between them. Incoming calls in Ukraine are free.

Communication quality in large cities all operators is almost identical. The difference in the bond coating is found only on roads between cities.

If you need that you have had a connection to the subway, then check with the seller of cards of the possibility of the chosen operator.

Update your account on the card, too easy. Can be taken to the dealer cards on the street or in the store for a small fee, he will help you replenish your account. You can also visit the Customer Service Center and there to make the same operation for free. You can deposit funds via electronic payment system in installed in stores IBOX. Just be careful when entering your phone number. Return the money put into IBOX virtually impossible.

It is easy enough to replenish their accounts through electronic payment systems. Many systems allow for payments to major cellular operators in Ukraine. And if you have your own web wallet, you can also use this method. Do not refill your account for a large sum. Better than a lot of time on time than never — a lot of time…

Once again: Do not leave unattended your mobile phone in public places. Try to put it in a fastened with a zipper pocket, just not in the rear. Mobile phones in Ukraine continues to steal, despite the creation of the operators of «black» and «gray» lists. Our craftsmen are crossing the serial numbers (emey) phones, selling them as «white» and they do not have governments.

It's basic advice to our guest. There are, of course, and other subtleties of mobile communications, but they know you already in the process of staying in Ukraine.

Photos stations of mobile communication.

If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

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