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About supermarkets and markets. What can and can not buy in shops and markets

I have to say that virtually all products in Ukraine now have the stamp «GMF free», which means that this product does not contain genetically modified components. Podrazumevatesya that this environmentally friendly product.

But… as we always have this stamp started putting on almost all products. As a result, products with GMF on the shelves is not found. So that the presence of produktte stamp «GMF» absolutely nothing about its quality does not say.

So what can you buy for cooking? It is clear that potato chips, cola sorts, crackers, nuts and other rubbish should not be included in the diet. Who wants to let him and their uses.

Of the meat products it is desirable to buy a slightly prikopchennuyu baked ham, baby sausages, smoked sausage, only the highest quality. Would not recommend you eat sausage grade below the highest, cheap boiled, smoked, semi-finished products — dumplings, ravioli, meatballs, etc.

From alcoholic beverages can be recommended expensive kinds of vodka, which the supermarkets quite a lot. To navigate in the proposed range of alcoholic beverages, I suggest a simple rule. Do not take cheap vodka, most often counterfeited. Do not be surprised that it sold in the supermarket.

Digression on the subject. Corruption in Ukraine has not yet defeated, and the sale of illegal products (and vodka as well), according to competent sources, almost to surpass sales of legal products. These producers in Ukraine are called «shadow» businesses. They do not pay taxes to the state for the goods produced, then there are the «shadow» fiscal and tax authorities they can not see the alleged…

And do not think that they were working underground at night. These companies are openly operating in normal working time, even if more or less normal conditions for employees. Shop, these are seemingly ordinary businesses, not spryatanye under the ground and having all the attributes of normal, registered enterprises — HR, accounting, security, etc.

The only and main difference between them from their registered companies is that they do not pay taxes to the state. And they pay «host» administrative territory in which they are located — a measure, the chairman of the village council, etc.

Scheme of «protection racket» in each region has its own. And in it are interwoven in a most peculiar way prakiticheski increasingly less important positions in the management of cities, towns. Conducted its own accounting, there are settlements, kickbacks, etc.

Maybe sometime I'll write a separate chapter on this topic. The level of corruption in Ukraine simply appalling!

Why do we have elections this fight is for the seat of the measure, Governor? And because the higher the position, the more subordinate to the areas which are available enterprise-shadow businesses from which regularly received «kickbacks».

This is just one small stream of corruption. And there are hundreds and thousands of streams and merge them into the biggest river in Ukraine, and the name of this river — corruption. (Thought Dnepr? Do not guess…)

By the way, recently an international organization Transparency International in its annual report (2010) Global Corruption Ukraine withdrew 134 th out of 178.

Ukraine has improved over the last year (in the literal sense of the word) their positions. We climbed the 12 steps above on the previous year. And our neighbors on this rating are Honduras and Zimbabwe. And Russia «falls short» of Ukraine as much as 20 points!

Well matched? «It is not dead in Ukraine and the glory and freedom…» — beginning of the anthem of Ukraine.

And sho? It may have started already corrupted catch and hang on the branches? Perhaps we will work in Ukraine…

Fairness, it should be noted that some «shadow businesses» produce products sometimes quality is better than a legal business. To whom narveshsya.

Back in Ukraine, vodka is poured at home — in the bathroom, in buckets, etc. But this «product» rarely can get on the shelves of supermarkets. But in ordinary grocery stores and shops, not to mention the market stalls, the probability to buy a vodka even very high.

Managed to even some on the market a couple of bottles of brew (home-made vodka) to buy. At the request of buyers here on the one bottle was glued label wheat vodka, on the other — the capital, the production of one of the distilleries in Ukraine. Drink to your health! Brew turned out very well.

Now, with an abundance of color printing technology, to forge any label and documentary stamps, which is pasted on the bottle cap, it is not easy.

The conclusion follows. If you're afraid of poisoning — do not buy hard liquor in stores and on the market. Only buy in the supermarket. In Ukraine, even goes a saying that now poisoned milk or cola probability of more than poisoned vodka.

About wine — a separate conversation. Generally speaking, write a brief — do not buy wine in Ukraine point. You do not buy this wine, as substitutes for wine is better not to drink. Once upon a time, and this topic will reveal.

Almost the same applies to many kinds of juices, with rare exceptions. Intentionally did not write grades juices, drinks, kvass, etc., to be accused of advertising or anti this or that manufacturer.

Less safe you can buy bread, rolls, cookies. Of cakes, especially with stuffing, waffles, cakes and pastries should be abandoned.

From buying bread in a shop is better to refrain
From buying bread in a shop is better to refrain

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Fruits and vegetables can be bought on the market. Do not buy the cheapest, and hold a mid-range, then the quality of the product and its price will be quite acceptable. The market can «bargain», that is to persuade the seller to sell the product at a lower cost.

Experienced traders are deliberately somewhat overstate the price of their goods relative to the average. You «haggle», he seems to be «inferior» in the end you buy the product at its true price, but with a sense of satisfaction that we were able to buy cheaper. And the seller is happy — he sold the goods at the price at which the planning. As the saying goes, «and the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe». Wolves ate the shepherd and his dog :—)

Be careful on the market — here trades petty thief-thieves, who may like the look your mobile phone and your wallet. Do not relax, Ukraine does not love the weak. And convincing victories Klitschko brothers — what a striking confirmation!

If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

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