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If you are detained by the police or you lose it

Digression on the subject. The old Soviet proverb. «My militia protects me — first, sit down, then — the guards…»

God give you a safe trip to Ukraine. However, there is a possibility of communication with law enforcement authorities of Ukraine — the police.

One of the frequent incidents which befell foreigners in Ukraine — the theft of personal belongings, money and documents. Especially the «demand» of thieves recently used by mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, portable computers, portable navigators. These things in a naive foreigner enjoys everyone's mind, leaving them unattended, for which he sometimes pays the loss of these things. Traditionally, the thieves did not disdain, and money that are readily available in carelessly left in the half-bag purse.

Be especially careful everywhere — in public transport, airports and railway stations, shops and markets. Likely to be robbed in these places especially great!

Well, if it happened, you still robbed — call the police. Only do this the right away as soon as there was this unpleasant incident. The sooner you apply, the greater the likelihood that the thief will be caught in hot pursuit and you return your item or money. Already half an hour after the accident probability of disclosure of the offense starts to abruptly vanish as.

At the police station you will be asked to write a statement indicating the place, time and circumstances of the crime and leave your contact information (preferably — the mobile phone number) in case your belongings will be found.

If you have an opportunity, then step up to this police station a couple of hours and inquire about your case. It may be that the duty has been replaced in the department, and the new in this business is not questioned and no one they are not specifically engaged.

If two hours later, a thief can not be found, as we say, «write — lost»… And be more careful!

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