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Travel to Ukraine by bus

Travelling by bus — an alternative to travel by train or by plane.

The advantage of the bus in front of trains and planes is that the bus you can bring without changes directly to the place of the tour. If you are traveling on package tour tour operator, the excitement you should not have any. For you all to think of ways and provided.

If you are traveling alone on a bus in Ukraine, the vigilance and care you should not leave for a minute. The fare on the bus is slightly more than the cost of travel by rail.

Problems can arise are the same and during travel by train or plane — missing you expensive things, delaying the departure of the bus in flight due to technical or weather conditions, lack of knowledge of the terrain and as a result — their travel stop. To all this we must be prepared.

Advice on nutrition, accommodation and toilet are the same as in previous chapters. During stops at bus stations, ask the driver about the time of parking the bus and accidentally say to a city going.

Thanks to your accent, the driver will know that you are a foreigner and he has postponed the information about the final destination of your trip on this bus. Even if you're somewhere linger, he will not leave without you. But it is better not to abuse it. Drivers too are different. One of you will remember, the other — no.

There have been cases where the drivers were properly bus, but not very regularly watched the landing of passengers. And the passengers woke up my stop. Be careful!

If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

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