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Travel to Ukraine on an airplane

If you have sufficient funds, you can travel to Ukraine on an airplane. Critical differences in service on international and domestic flights on the plane there. There are minor flaws, which, in principle, you can close your eyes.

The differences are in service at airports. Here, Ukraine loses European airports. Even at major airports in Ukraine the number of terminals to serve the ever increasing passenger flow is insufficient. Hence — at times crowding into a single room for passengers. Sometimes the passenger and nowhere to sit. If for some reason, begin flight delays, the airport building is transformed into something like an anthill.

On what is necessary to pay attention to foreign tourists in their air travel to Ukraine?

Details please be warned beforehand about the safety of their luggage. Cases of missing suitcases or bags at airports in Ukraine are rare but do happen. But this is, in general — rather the exception than the system.

But the missing items from bags, suitcases, backpacks happens quite often. Things from passengers' luggage lost at the site airport-aircraft and aircraft-airport. With this shameful phenomenon struggling airport security, but so far unsuccessfully.

For advice on keeping your belongings in your luggage can advise tightly in several layers, wrap the tape all the bag, suitcase, backpack. Attacker in this case will not be able to quickly open your luggage and steal from him your stuff.

If you have a strong case, then he should hang up and secure locking. Practice shows that the closed lock on the suitcase is not subject to «inspection» baggage service employees. Backpacks & better to wrap the tape in several layers.

Many airports offer this service for little money. Not stingy — and your clothes will make the flight safely with you.

Eat in restaurants and cafes, and airports more expensive but safer than similar facilities in railway stations. However, it should not be very relaxing. Need to look closely and carefully sniff for food served, but to wish it better to quietly so as not to offend the cook :—)

Can not exclude the situation that the administration of your aircraft in flight, for whatever reasons (technical, weather or other) may be delayed. Will tell you about this, or on radio or on the monitor airport. If the delay of departure is less than an hour and a half, you are lucky and soon declared fit and you fly away. In the worst case, especially if the delay is due to weather conditions (heavy fog, rain, snow, etc.), then tune in for a long stay at the airport.

Pleasant, of course, a little, but «Such a life…», joked in Ukraine. If you are able to take a seat in the waiting room, try not to leave it empty — will occupy the other.

Advertising: giving way to the disabled, children and elderly people.

If you have excommunicated, ask your neighbor at the chair, with which you have already «become friends» to watch over the place. By the principle of reciprocity will look after you, too, so it took no arm-chair while he is forced to leave.

If, however, declare that the delay of the flight until the morning, it's better to go to a hotel near the airport, if there are rooms available. The hotel, if you are already busy «normal» numbers, you can offer multi-seat. That is — in the same room are located from three to eight people. Here the choice is yours — or sit up all night in a chair in an airport lounge or in a relatively small fee, «sleep» in a room like «hostel».

The word «sleep» used here in quotes, because the probability that none of your roommates will not snore very small. So be content, even those that lie horizontally, rather than crouching in a chair.

In general, and in general, except for some nuances, travel avaliniyami Ukraine should you leave a good impression.

If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

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