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Travel to Ukraine by train

So, you decided to travel by train — or rather trains. Choice is good, considering that travel at night in a train compartment in the car sometimes cheaper than a room in a three-star hotel, not to mention more «star».

If you bought a tour to the travel agency and travel by train, which travel agency you provided, and live in a pre-reserved hotel rooms, then you absolutely do not worry about anything.

Another thing, if you decide to save money and travel to Ukraine on your own — the «savages».

It has its pluses and minuses. Plus is, of course, the cost of travel. Of course, that spending the night in the train, you'll spend considerably less money than traveling on turputevku and living in comfortable conditions in hotels. On this pros and end. But the cons — a little more.

The downside is that you most need to plan in advance what city you're visiting. Need to carefully schedule of the displacements between the cities, if you want to buy tickets in advance compartment car. Highly recommend not to save money and travel to second-class trains.

In the second-class trains, at best, you do not sleep enough due to snoring grandparents at the other end of the wagon or constantly rubs your feet for incoming and outgoing passengers at their stations. In addition, a second-class carriages of the «Soviet period», which are dominated by the railways of Ukraine, there is no air conditioning, but there are drafts of the presence of cracks in the windows. In the summer it does not help, but in winter you can simply by chance.

The temperature in the car depends on the mood of the conductor. If the conductor is the car in a good mood, then heat the way that could not breathe, if, on the contrary, the conductor is not in the spirit of — wait for the cold. He can protopit first, and then spit at all… and forget about their responsibilities.

Rarely, but it happens that the conductors are collected from various coaches 'notes' holiday or someone's birthday. Well, then they are no longer up to the passengers with their problems — cold or heat in the car, tea, cold, indoor toilet.

Eat in the long-distance trains can be in the restaurant car, or if one is missing — in the canteen, which is usually found in the car brigade trains in the middle of the composition. Sometimes, the carriages are different suhoprodukty — sandwiches, cookies, chocolate, etc. also offer drinks — spirits, beer, soda and juices. Buy all of this is possible, but not too lazy to look at the packaging date of the deadline for implementation. If the product has expired, it is best to refrain from its use.

Also, unless absolutely necessary not dine in the station restaurant and cafe. Just in case… And even more so — do not buy the trains and at stations pies, pasties, cakes and all that very quickly deteriorates, and when ingested can be harmful to your health.

Not that, boss! Not that…
Not that, boss! Not that…

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What to eat in the same way in Ukraine?

You can buy in the supermarket smoked sausage (preferably the highest grade), cheese, biscuits, bread or buns, jam, honey. These products are sure not to be spoiled during your trip, and be able to satisfy your hunger. All of the cars during the trip wires offer hot tea with sugar. Sandwiches from the above products, bun, kruassany with poppy seeds, jam and tea — enrich your stay and will not leave hungry for a long time.

... bun, kruassany with poppy seeds, jam

Of course, these foods quickly get bored but time travel by train in Ukraine, even from one end of the country to another — no more than a day.

Having day to «dry rations», be sure to eat at a normal restaurant or cafe to regain strength for further travel.

On toilets — separate issue. In all compartment and second-class carriages of the «Soviet period» toilets open directly. That is, everything that arrived into the toilet bowl, pressing on the pedal is poured directly onto the rails. Vacuum toilet systems have only recently started appearing in cars, «particularly firm» trains.

Therefore, the timetables have so-called «sanitary zone». That is about half an hour before arriving at a major train station toilet is closed. And remain closed at all times until the train stops at the station. This will open approximately half an hour after departure — when the train will leave for the city.

Thus, approximately one hour toilets will be closed. To this we must be prepared. If you have problems with digestion or bladder, it is better from time to time to look into the train schedules in advance to visit the toilet. Schedule compartment carriages usually hangs in the middle of the car, and in second-class — coupe near the conductors.

A few years ago in the Ukraine started up several Espresso trains between Kiev and megacities Dnepr and Kharkov. To this end, held a special complex reconstruction of routes on the route of the journey. Were also repaired the building stations along the route and made special efforts to improve the management of traffic on these routes.

Derived train routes to increased comfort with cars of different classes of comfort. The carriage of the lowest class (the second) is quite comfortable. Comfortable chairs with folding tables, a TV that shows the comedy and action films, air-conditioning in the car, the vacuum is not closing at stops toilets. In Espresso trains constantly offer suhoprodukty and various drinks.

In first-class carriage — separate compartment for six people, separated by glass partitions other compartments.

The advantage of these to the passenger trains that they have for the whole route not just stop at two or three major stations and speed — over 100 miles per hour. Due to this, they are still quite quickly cover the distance between the capital and the cities of one million. For example, Espresso from Kiev to Dnepr arrives for five and a half hours, and from Kiev to Kharkov — six.

Ticket on the train of the second class is almost the same as in compartment car of passenger train, comfort is higher. While there are no beds, but to go in this car, especially in the summer heat, much nicer than in the compartment air-conditioned coach. Air conditioners in compartment carriages conventional trains begin to operate only when moving train. Summer in the parking lot to cool the body has to use a fan or a simple pape…

There is another type of train — commuter. They are popularly called «the train», «diesel trains». If you plan to get into the hinterland, the free ride they will not do. For passengers differences «train» from «DMUs» virtually none. And here and there benches or chairs for seating. In every third car is a toilet of direct action, which, incidentally, at bus stops can not be closed. If you for some reason did not have time to buy a ticket at a suburban train, do not worry — most of them go to the cashiers and sell tickets. By the way, tickets for smaller stations sometimes operate on a certain schedule, tied to a schedule of passenger trains. And if you come to the station to know something in advance or buy a ticket at a time when the trains do not, it is quite possible that the ticket office will be closed and the cashier will not appear on the site.

As commuter trains announce stops, but not all and not always clear. Even a Ukrainian sometimes difficult to understand how to stop the driver announced over the loudspeaker. So do not expect that you will clearly hear the name of the station to which the purchased ticket, and plan where to go. It is better to agree in advance with local fellow travelers, so they tell you, when will your station.

Do not rely on leaving the train at the far station, you can dine at the station. Usually at the stations of small stations do not have facilities for food. But the toilets — for free. And in general — have lunch in small towns is sometimes quite problematic. But at a local shop, which is usually located near the train station, you can buy products to somehow «stay one's stomach».

These are the main points that need to know traveling around Ukraine. There are many other nuances that may not always be foreseen.

Most importantly — do not lose your sense of humor in different situations, if their effects do not pose an immediate threat to you.

Smiling people in Ukraine are loved. Yes, and you will be happy!

If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

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