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Accommodation in hotels and private apartments

The problem of accommodation during the trip to Ukraine is one of the very important. Here, too, have several options.

If you know your route of travel and the city in which anticipate the night, then you can book (reserve) over the Internet hotel rooms in advance. In this case, you will be required for prepayment. To implement it yet still quite difficult. Transfer the money through various intermediaries expensive and, in some cases — even dangerous. Money can not reach the desired hotel. And to find the «end» will be very difficult.

Transfer the money through various electronic payment systems can be, but this is only possible if chosen for the stay hotel has an electronic account at least in some of them. So far, unfortunately, not many hotels in the Ukraine used in the calculations this way. On the possibilities of such payment can be found at the hotel. Sites most decent hotels in Ukraine, thank God, are already available.

Possible and with mother-sitting (on the toilet) and communicate with his beloved lying (in the bathroom) to talk about
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However, here lie in a bath is not very convenient. Lie head to the left does not work…
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But if you go to head to the right, then tip the crane just gets up your nose. Uncomfortable somehow
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Digression on the subject.

Above are photos of the bathroom facilities in one of four star hotels in cities. At first glance, everything is beautiful. Even the phone is so that we can and with the mother-sitting (on the toilet) and communicate with his beloved lying (in the bathroom) to talk about. However, that lie in a bath is not very convenient. Lie head to the left does not work, but if you go to head to the right, then tap the spout just gets up your nose. Uncomfortable somehow. And as did people think, and wanted to make a better…

Another option — disburse hotel accommodation on-site check-in. You can agree in advance online or by phone to reserve your rooms at the hotel. But if you do not advance to prepay at least a deposit for half a day, there is no guarantee that you arrive and your room will be occupied by those who came before and paid nalichnymi.Kakoy way out? If you are traveling in the summer, in his car, at the most extreme case of a hotel at night and you and your car can become.

In recent years, along the roads constructed campsites and hotels. Comfort them at three-star hotels or below. They can offer you for a very reasonable cost quite tolerable rooms with clean bed, hot water and TV. Count on the presence of air conditioning in such hotels are not worth it. The rest — quite tolerable rates.

However, please note that in this trip stop for the night in the main drivers of heavy vehicles, «shuttles» — carriers of goods for market trading, student travelers, travel and poor organization, the average cost of a prostitute with clients and other needy people.

Therefore you great luck, if your next room at night and do not meet friendly company drivers, students with guitars, theatrical ahayuschih prostitutes or a relaxing of market traders. Otherwise, you will be able to sleep just before dawn. And no amount of exhortation and requests to be more quiet in this case are unlikely to help. And rested myself in the morning you feel. The choice is yours.

Необычное применение зубочистки в гостиничном номере
Unusual use of toothpicks in a hotel room

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See other funny pictures.

Have the option of staying in a private apartment. Announcement of surrender apartments can also be found on the Internet. However, it must be remembered that most Landlords (owners) do not want to deal with a one-day surrender of the apartment. The minimum period for which the owners offer to surrender his apartment — two nights. Although it is not normally there are exceptions.

The hosts will offer you an apartment, too, «with all the amenities», do not doubt it. If the apartment is for rent, then it at least installed electric heater, a TV, a kitchenette with refrigerator and stove for cooking. Information regarding the availability of air conditioning, satellite television and the Internet (on a cable network or via WiFi), should be specified separately. In general, this is a good option. With the owners can arrange online or over the phone and pre-payment, they usually do not require. Only when the settlement will have to pay in full. Such an order with us. No problem will take dollars and euros. Can take and the ruble, but not always.

Prices for hotel accommodation in a very different, so recommend something here does not make sense. Prices in hotels around as well as in Europe or less. During the night in a one bedroom apartment you will need to pay for accommodation in a double room three-star hotel, and sometimes even less. Need to negotiate with the owners. Especially because they always make concessions, especially if you rent an apartment for more than a long term.

Well, quite an extreme option in case of winter — is to rent an apartment from the owners at the station. Here you can offer even a single room in an apartment, home owners themselves. Alternatively, of course, not the best. But do not freeze in the same smelly waiting room. Torg here very much relevant. The owners agree to give even half. Just did not immediately accept an offer of a price, and pretend that you do not accept their offer and you are going to go away. Sure that the owner will reduce the price, but you can still try to knock it. Thus, not entirely comfortably held the night will cost you 4-5 times cheaper than a hotel. During that fight?

Think for yourself, decide for yourself — or may not have… (words from popular songs of the 80's).

If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

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