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Interaction with the traffic police on the roads of Ukraine

This theme is in the Ukrainian society a mixed reaction. And for good reason. No wonder that after a President of Ukraine issued a decree abolishing the State Automobile Inspection, and another — has risen.

It is clear that without supervision on the road for our reckless driver does not. It is an axiom. Another question — how to make this effective supervision, but at the same time — without infringing on the rights of citizens and without mutual rudeness. Above this work the various committees in the legislature of Ukraine — the Verkhovna Rada.

We're back on our roads. Advice for all simple. If you do not want to have a relationship with the inspector on the road — do not break the rules of the road. The likelihood that you will stop if you have not breached the rules, still quite small. Even if you stop, then just check the papers, to smell, as it were, imperceptibly, the presence of alcohol in your exhaled air. And if you're not suspicious — will give the documents and allowed to go further.

Do not take alcoholic beverages on the eve of the trip! This saves you from many potential trouble on the road.

Of course, on our roads it is hard not to break the rules. Most roads are one lane in one direction. This creates difficulties when driving over them. If you do not break, then sometimes have to stretch for several kilometers in some «snail» or no — stop. A «snail» we have a lot more. So we have to choose — not to break and go slow, or — break and go faster.

But here — you still stopped. Do not panic, to curry favor with the inspector and in general — need to feel confident, especially if you are not infringed. Of course, if you will «impudent», «climb in a bottle» — the inspector was angry and will demand from you all imaginable and unimaginable. The most simple — a first aid kit, medical certificate, the conclusion of the service station on the condition of the car, pass on the inspection of vehicle exhaust for harmful substances and a lot more about what you do not guess. Believe me — an experienced inspector, there is more than a dozen «pieces» that he is ready to apply for the «purpose».

Digression on the subject. In general, the representation of the majority of drivers in Ukraine, the inspector — it's dumb country boy, undereducated, and does not intelligent, not quite true.

Yes, there are some, and we with them is quite common on the roads. But these «inspectors» do not stay long in the organs. Survive the «best».

Why in quotes? Because this profession… «The Best» — a great psychologists. They immediately assess who is sitting behind the wheel. Whether it is a solid man, after a meeting with whom the inspector may have trouble, or simply a driver, or «cool», who wants to intimidate the inspectors and withdraw from the deserved punishment.

So expect that you will be able to outwit the inspectors are not worth it. It is better to politely answer the questions and try to avoid tensions. In most cases, the inspector will not accuse you of those violations, which you did not commit.

Digression on the subject. The Council of the glorious female half. If rape is inevitable, then relax and enjoy.

Of course, this general advice. You can advise the various books and movies like «100 argument against fines» or «How not to pay the fine» etc.

However, the intricacies of the situations on the roads will be able to understand only a man well acquainted with Ukrainian laws and knows how to apply them in specific situations. «The best» inspectors also examine the books and films, conduct classes with the analysis of specific situations and to catch them, as they say, «caught with chaff», it is very difficult. And even more so if you are a foreigner, you will be very difficult to compete with the inspector on the road to knowledge of Ukrainian laws and traffic regulations.

Digression on the subject. If still you broke the rules and the inspector writes you a fine, before completing the protocol can ask him to pay your fee at the nearest branch of Sberbank. Motivated by the fact that you are in a hurry, do not know the procedures for payment of a fine and in general — is his respect and trust in vzaimponimanie. If you do not have with a Ukrainian hryvnia, then ask the inspector to pay a fine in foreign currency. Usually the inspector did not deny foreign guests in «aid».

Promise inspector, the return journey must take his receipt of payment of fine. Of course, you will not do this, but the inspector for your arrival «forget» the receipt in the other bag.

When driving on the roads of Ukraine — do not break the rules of the road. And you will be happy! And God save you!

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