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Travel to Ukraine by car. Avtoekstrim

Interesting and intriguing title of the chapter. But I am sure that it is «avtoekstrim». On another ride on our roads can not be named!

Well, first, what can we say about the quality of our roads? And no good. The quality of roads leaves much to be desired.

Do not argue, there are several roads in Ukraine that can go more or less safe — the road from Kiev Borispol, a section of road in the Dnipropetrovsk region, some areas in the direction from Kiev to Lviv and from Kiev to Odessa.

That's probably all. Who would not agree, other examples, be sure to check and add. Send mail here.

Let's start with information on the roads. It would be nice to travel to Ukraine to buy pre-installed GPS navigation with a map of Ukraine, or, in extreme cases — an atlas of highways in Ukraine. Otherwise, focus on the highways you will be still quite difficult.

Even if you have not bought in advance, these much-needed supplies for the trip to Ukraine — do not despair. All or nearly all, can be purchased at the nearest to the borders of petrol stations, shops and cafes. But remember that the farther you otedite from the border, the less likely that you will be able to buy these things on the road.

However, in the heartland of the specialized computer and the automobile you can buy a GPS navigator, and in bookstores — atlas of highways in Ukraine. Interestingly, in the center of the country in specialized stores, these accessories will be cheaper than in towns closer to the border. While at the border can bargain and buy cheaper. Haggle in the shops it makes no sense, prices are fixed. The market — a market :—)

Informative writing on the roads there, but not everywhere. On the roads between major cities have a pointer scheme interchanges, traffic patterns. But the farther you drive away from these roads, the signs become less. Sometimes when entering the town its name is absent altogether. Often there are no direction signs in the villages themselves.

GPS navigator, of course, helps in this case. But do not forget to download and install the latest version of the map of Ukraine. Because in some versions completely absent circuits smaller regional centers, which can very easily get lost.

What to buy a GPS navigator? Menu page, you can see some links to sites where you can see the types of navigation and prices. You can even order a GPS navigator in the online store.

Let us return to our roads. Traveling to Ukraine remembers — a hole in the road may appear in front of your car at the wrong time, and even on the best road. Such realities. And having flown at high speed wheels in a ditch, you can not avoid trouble. In the best case would be bent wheels on the wheels of the car. In the worst case — is damaged chassis, and you will create a traffic hazard on the road. Well, if the car is not fly off into the ditch, and you will be able to slow down and prevent an accident, God forbid, of course…

Especially be careful when driving on the roads at dusk and at night. This is especially dangerous time. In addition to pits and irregularities existing on the roads at this time of day on the roads like pedestrians to walk (due to lack of paving lanes), podvipivshie pedestrians, cyclists and horse-drawn carts, most of which are not equipped with reflective elements.

Driving locality, be sure to slow down and be extremely careful.

From time to time you have passengers and there is a need health stopped (going to the toilet). In Ukraine, most of the roads it is quite simple. Stop the car on the roadside, where not prohibited by the stop, and where there is at least some trees or large bushes, where passengers and defecate. Young children must be accompanied by and not leave for a long time without attention.

Be especially careful with Congress on the sidelines — it can prosest under the weight of the car and then get on the road will not be easy. This is especially significant caveat, if passed on the eve of the rain, as well as in spring and autumn periods.

More «civilized» procedure using the toilet, you can stay at a bus stop. Chances are good that her booth will be located with the letters «M» and «F» (russian letter is displayed on the right in figure). This is a public toilet. «М» — it for the men, «F» — for the women. However, be it sometimes quite unpleasant, or without a mask — it is simply impossible. So you have to again go into the bushes.

Sometimes there are also toilets.  Be careful when you sit in it …
Sometimes there are also toilets. Be careful when you sit in it…

Links to these pictures:

Clean, fresh, comfortable…
Clean, fresh, comfortable…

Link to this Photo:

See other funny pictures.

Now sometimes the road can see the inscription «WC», although in fact — is the same as «MF». And no water. One of shit, sorry…

Well, the most civilized option — a toilet in a cafe and petrol stations. Typically, a toilet is closed, but the key is we can take for free from the store manager or the seller. Problems with this typically does not arise. After the visits do not forget to close the toilet and return the key.

With nutritional problems should not be. If you have enough money and you have the time, it is best to eat in restaurants and cafes along the road. In Ukraine, the calculation for a meal you will be without problems of the Ukrainian hryvnia, the U.S. dollar, the euro. Another currency, even in Russian rubles, you will not always be able to pay.

Do not dine in a booth with the words «Home Cooking», «dinner at home», etc. And the more so is very risky for the stomach to fly pies and other «culinary delights» of housewives on the road. Your stomach may not be ready to digest them. And eagerly look through the eyes of the road inscription «MF» You'll have much more :—)

Faithful council. Eat where parked in a restaurant, cafe expensive foreign cars (foreign cars). People who go to them, they know where you can dine without consequences for the stomach. Where parked vans, prepared usually worse, but the prices there poumerenney. These are the pies… choice — for you.

If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

In the next chapter — Interaction with traffic police on the roads of Ukraine

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