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Ukraine for people or for a person?

I'm for my long trip life has visited all the regional cities of Ukraine and almost half of the regional centers, in many villages. Visited Sweden, Germany, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, not to mention Russia and the CIS.

Been in «outback» of these countries, and in capitals. Flown, probably on almost all types of aircraft, «the Soviet era — from the «AN-2» (for maize) to «IL» and «TU», including all «Yak» and «AN». Here are just a helicopter could not fly. Foreign Boeing and others also flew more than once. Spent much time in the long-distance trains and local trains. In general — the experience of movement in the different modes of transport I have.

And I certainly can not compare the service we have in Europe. But more about that later.

So what's the fundamental difference between life here in Ukraine, and Russia, too, from life in Europe? As the saying goes «The question, of course, interesting…»

A fundamental difference is, gentlemen, that we have all done for the people, and in Europe — for the individual! I have not discovered this «formula», but it really is. In Ukraine, unfortunately, that the official reigns. And officials are not interested in performing their duties in full only with wages. An official in Ukraine is interested only in how to get from the applicant an additional fee — a bribe. And all his acts, directly or indirectly, to this.

Digression on the subject. Once long ago, when I received my first Ukrainian passport, an official in the I created all sorts of obstacles, so that I could not get it to the desired date, or frustrated by my overseas trip. Well, I «experienced» people and prompted what to «give». «We must wait» or «should be there to give?» How to? In Russian these words are said equally. Pun intended, of course.

So, when I once again came to her, the phrase that lady I just do not put in the stopper. And she said literally the following: — Well, lay out, with what came!

Laugh it is awkward, and I took from his breast pocket then, with what has come — a bill a certain dignity, and laid her down on some paper. Lightning-trained eye, it evaluate the merits of bills and start to deal with my documents. In the words of the last general secretary of the CPSU — the process went. The next day, the passport was in my hands.

That's what «the magic power of art.» What was it? Extort additional fees (bribes) for the work that official should carry on their duties and for good, in general, salary.

So. What we heading? All for the people? All for a man. Here is the situation described above, pasportistka me thinks many of the people and himself — a man.

This is not a typical example. One can cite many other facts, as people living in Ukraine, faced with the division to «the people» and «Man» several times a day. Taxi driver — a man, and he was lucky «people», so it can all be rude and still feel.

like the master of the situation.

Seller — also «man» when cheat «people» in the store. Master or, for example, an accountant in the housing office — they have «rights» when visitors come to him — «people». And the examples are many. What is most interesting, and perhaps saddest — throughout the day with the man several times occur metamorphosis: he is «man», it is among «the people».

In Europe, the same man doing his job, serving another person, having a salary. At the same time he tries to do it as soon as better, so that another person from his job was convenient, comfortable and even cheaper. See the difference?

Therefore, a man came to Europe from the Ukraine, much easier to adapt than the Europeans, the first time to visit Ukraine. About what trouble can happen to a foreigner in our country and how did they avoid you can read on this site.

If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

In the next chapter — Travel to Ukraine by car. Avtoekstrim

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