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Language problems during the trip to Ukraine

The language barrier appears at the first communication with the citizens of Ukraine. Of course, that customs officers and border guards with you will communicate at least in English, and at the border crossing this barrier, you still do not feel it. Even in the border areas in public places you can communicate in English.

But the farther you drive off the border, the more likely that you will not be able to understand and in English. Unfortunately, the system of learning foreign languages in Ukraine is built so that it is studied from pre-school age and up to graduation. Result sad — foreign languages, Ukrainian citizens know is bad.

Either method of teaching what is wrong, then there is no understanding that a knowledge of several foreign languages is necessary in the modern world. But in the end languages are studied poorly, and as useless and the lack of language practice and at all forgotten.

Digression on the subject. An example of a language barrier. Europeans, when mastered Australia, Aboriginal people were asked what kind of interesting animals constantly jump? Aborigines replied: «Kangaroo», meaning: «I do not understand.» Thus, in Ukraine, you too can face the misunderstanding and mis-remember certain concepts.

Digression on the subject. To understand the language communicates the majority of the population in a certain area, you should not read newspapers or watch television, and just go… to the cemetery. What language do most of the inscriptions on the monuments — in a language and communicates the population in the area. Checked by 100%.

Of course — it should be the cemetery of the people living here, not colonialists or internationalists.

So what do you do? Several options.

You can, if you're a rich person, hire a translator in Ukraine. He will be your guide and counselor in difficult situations.

Possible before traveling to Ukraine to undergo the study of Ukrainian or Russian language.

You can download the course study of Russian (Ukrainian) language on the Internet and learn the basics yourself.

You can buy the Ukrainian (Russian) phrasebook in which Russian, Ukrainian word written in letters of your mother tongue. You just have to pronounce them correctly. But in this case to understand the answers will not be easy.

Choose the most convenient way to communicate with the citizens of Ukraine — Welcome to Ukraine!

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