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Practical travel advice for Ukraine

According to the rules of spelling the word «hello» — is wrong, but it is sometimes said in Ukraine. In Soviet times, said — in the Ukraine.

Needless greeting «Welcome to Ukraine!», Of course, sets out that all is well. But you really come for us with good intentions, but whether you will meet a friendly in Ukraine? That is the question.

If the document is OK, you do not ask silly questions at customs and passport control, relatively sober and clear and precise answer to the questions well, and understandably — do not smuggle, the problems at the border crossing you should not be. The border guards — they are people too, and the mood among them, and all people can change. With grim it is better not to joke, but with the loquacious — silent.

That can be imported to Ukraine's and don'ts, is not considered here, is detailed in the relevant documents. We are much more interested in the moral aspect of the case. About this in the rules are not written.

It's clear that if you want to spend some goods in larger quantities than normal, you can simply reallocate «excess» among friends or fellow travelers, and then, after crossing the border, to shift everything back in my suitcase.

Outside the border zone you already nobody has the right to search luggage. This can be done only competent state authorities upon presentation of your warrant, signed by the prosecutor. But for this to be good reasons. And if you do not start openly selling «surplus», the attention of these bodies to you does not attract. Although our country can happen any, God forbid, of course…

If you think this topic is not fully disclosed in this chapter, we look forward to your additions. Write here.

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