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Here is what Wikipedia.

WAP (born Wireless Application Protocol — Wireless Application Protocol) — is a means of gaining access to the Internet through a mobile phone, without using a computer and / or modem. In essence this is a technical standard describing the way in which information from the Internet is transferred to the mobile phone display.

GPRS (born General Packet Radio Service — General Packet Radio Service) — an add-on technology, mobile GSM, carrying out a packet of data. GPRS allows mobile phone user to exchange data with other devices in the GSM network and external networks including the Internet. GPRS involves charging by volume of transmitted / received information, rather than time spent online.

So, what's the difference between these technologies to the user? In the first place — at the cost of obtaining services. If you are using WAP you pay for time spent on the Internet (time payment of traffic). And it is quite expensive "pleasure." At current rates of the mobile Internet even simple pages without graphics are downloaded for a long time. To read nekolko pages on this site, you must spend a lot of time for which there is a payment to your provider as for finding the network. Or to save pages for reading them off the network, that not all mobile devices are convenient, but some — and not provided.

Quite another matter — GPRS. Here you pay for the amount of use information (file) downloaded from the Internet. Load the page, you can safely chitatat it without ticking meter. You have already paid for it. This is a substantial difference in pay between WAP and GPRS.

Technical side of these same technologies we not be considered here. Information can be found on specialized sites. Enough to type in a search engine query such as: the difference between WAP and GPRS, or — a difference of WAP and GPRS technologies. Suffice to say that GPRS supports language HTML, which created most of the pages on the Internet. WAP sites use WML language with UTF-8.

Personal opinion — WAP as the technology itself is already exhausted. WAP has done his job — WAP must go.

The conclusion from the foregoing that. You can pretty long journey through the pages of PDA version of our website for a very small value payment traffic provider.

Feature of the PDA version is an almost complete lack of graphics, flash and multimedia files embedded in the page as in the WEB. At these files are referenced and can be downloaded to your mobile device only with your consent. The site is fast. Enjoy your viewing!

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